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The company name Calenberg traces back to the medieval castle of Calenberg which gave the area between the Deister ridge and the Leine river its name. It was originally built by the Guelphs as a moated castle in 1292 but was later changed into a fortress.

Calenberg Ingenieure designs, manufactures and markets elastomeric sliding bearings, and statically or dynamically loaded structural bearings (elastomeric bearings) for buildings and structures, sub-ballast mats and trackbed mats for track construction as well as other elastomer-based products for noise insulation and environmental protection.

In 1972 Calenberg Ingenieure were founded by W. Battermann and R. Steinmeier in this region - close to Hanover, the capital of Lower Saxony. During the years that followed some of the first patents were issued for profiled bearings and track mats.

From 1998 onwards the international contacts increased successfully. A logical consequence was the takeover of the track technology program of the company Contitech/Clouth in the year 2001.

The first bearing under water was installed in 2006 with the newly developed Cimax elements and in 2008 the first bearings in tunnels with track mats were successfully carried out in the Siberian permafrost region.

We are very proud of the many inventions and
patents developed by our company:

  • Calenberg Ingenieure -
    Invented the profiled elastomeric bearing
  • Calenberg Ingenieure -
    Invented the profiled elastomeric track mat
  • Calenberg Ingenieure -
    Invented the flexible CISILENT system

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