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The profiled Cibatur® mat consists of a fabric reinforced elastomeric plate (sandwich construction) that has underneath truncated cone-shape resilient studs. The surface of the top layer is not only insensitive to weather but also resistant to abrasion, oil and ozone. Natural rubber of high quality is used for the resilient studs which have excellent dynamic properties.


Building support, machinery support

Text of Tender document

Typee: Calenberg Cibatur®, with truncated cone-shape studs made of NR, profiled, vulcanised elastomeric mat, grid spacing of the studs: 64 mm, total thickness: 30 mm with double fabric reinforced wear and tear layer made of chloroprene rubber.


Length: mm
Width: mm
Price: €/²

Technical Data


  • 30 mm

Compressive stress range

  • 0,05 N/mm² - 0,50 N/mm²

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