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Calenberg Citelbrong® is a profiled resilient strip which is used for protection against vibration and structure-borne noise. Due to the favourable ratio of compression stiffness to shear stiffness Citelbrong® is almost as stiff in shear direction as in the direction of compression which leads to an increased lateral stability. Even though the strip is not very high, its special shape allows large deflections which result in low natural frequencies.


Machinery support

Text of Tender document

Supply Calenberg Citelbrong®, a profiled, highly ageing resistant, resilient EPDM element, ozone resistant and install in accordance with the installation details of the manufacturer.


Quantity: item
Length of bearing: mm
Price: €/item

Technical Data

Bearing thickness

  • 65 mm

Maximum compressive stress

  • 0,8 N/mm²

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