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Civerso is a microcellular EPDM with low water absorption. The closed, microscopically small voids guarantee deformations in the direction of the plane. This is necessary to protect the vertical areas against vibration.

The service life of Civerso is at least as long as that of the building. Civerso can be obtained in sheet form. The low weight makes it easy to install the sheets in confined spaces. Fastening is carried out mechanically or by using standard adhesives.


Vibration isolation of vertical surfaces for building supports. Additional features are to take for an embedment depth over 4 m.

Text of Tender document

Calenberg Civerso,
microcellular EPDM
dynamic modulus of subgrade reaction cgz ≈ 0,02 N/mm³ for a compressive stress of 50 kN/m², at a frequency range from 5 Hz to 50 Hz Supply in sheet form, length 2 m, width 1 m, thickness 20 mm


Price: €/m²

Technical Data


  • 20 mm

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