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Cigular® Slab Bearing

Calenberg Cigular® Slab Bearing is a thermally insulated, permanently resilient element with shear deformation properties for the support of reinforced concrete floors on load bearing structures according to DIN 18 530.

It consists of a studded elastomeric mat with cylindrical compression elements which at half height are connected by a continuous resilient membrane. The elastomeric centre is enclosed by thermally insulating plates with firm top layer. Butt joints are closed with adhesive tape.


For structural members subject to predominantly static loading and structural deformations of up to 10 mm.

Text of Tender document

Supply profiled, highly ageing resistant, resilient EPDM element; ozone resistant up to 200 pphm; with covering, 10 mm dick, general building authority test certificate no. P-20040369.

Type S / Type S - F 90/120

Bearing length l: 1 m
Bearing width b: mm
Elastomer width bE: mm
Number: m
Price: €/m

Type E / Type E - F 90/120

Bearing length l: mm
Bearing width b: mm
Elastomer width lE: mm
Elastomer width bE: mm
Randabstand Width aB: mm
Randabstand Length aL: mm
Number: item
Price: €/item

Technical Data

Bearing thickness:

  • 10 mm

Maximum compressive stress:

  • 1,1 N/mm²

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