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Civalit® Sliding Bearing

The 8.5 mm thick bearing has transverse tensile reinforcement and is made of an elastomer which is based on chloroprene with a vulcanized PTFE sliding layer.

The 2 mm thick sliding plate is made of glass reinforced plastic (GRP). These two components guarantee a dimensionally stable sliding plane.


For structural members subject to predominantly static loading

Text of Tender document

Civalit® Sliding Bearing, a highly ageing resistant elastomeric CR bearing with transverse tensile reinforce¬ment and dimensionally stable sliding plate, according to DIN 4141 part 3, bearing class 2, with average bearing capacity of up to 15 N/mm², ozone resistant up to 200 pphm; material according to DIN 4141, part 140/150; general building authority test certificate no. P-20041090.

Single Pad Sliding Bearing

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Strip Sliding Bearing

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150 mm
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Technical Data

Bearing thickness

  • 11 mm

Maximum compressive stress

  • bis 15 N/mm²

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