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Perforated™ Bearing, Type Z

The Perforated™ Bearing Type Z consists of several layers of elastomer and intermediate layers of weather-resistant steel, grade WTSt 52-3. By suitable selection of the bearing thickness, the bearing can accommodate large vertical forces as well as large rotational deformations.


for components carrying predominantly static loads

Text of Tender document

Supply Calenberg Perforated™, Type Z, steel-reinforced elastomeric bearing with a regular grid of circular holes, in accordance with DIN 4141 Part 3, bearing class 2, loadable depending on format up to a mean compressive stress of 25 N/mm², National Technical Approval Certificate 2011.0913-2.


l x b x h = .. x .. x.. mm³
Quantity: piece
Price: €/piece

embedded in polystyrene or Ciflamon fire protection board

Overall length: mm
Overall width: mm
Bearing length: mm
Bearing width: mm
Bearing thickness: mm
Quantity: piece
Price: €/piece

Technical Data

Bearing thickness

  • 15 mm
  • 24 mm
  • 33 mm
  • 42 mm
  • 51 mm

Maximum compressive stress

  • up to 25 N/mm²,
    depending on size

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