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Perforated™ Sliding Bearing, Type Z

The Perforated™ Sliding Bearing Type Z consists of several layers of elastomer and intermediate layers of weather-resistant steel, grade WTSt 52-3.

The top steel layer has an attached polytetrafluorethylene (PTFE) layer, which functions as a sliding partner with a glassfibre-reinforced plastic plate (PTFE/GRP sliding pair). In addition to the advantages offered by the Perforated™ Bearing, Type Z, the Perforated™ Sliding Bearing Type Z can achieve longer sliding paths. Restoring forces are minimised.


for components carrying predominantly static loads to accept larger component displacements

Text of Tender document

Supply Calenberg Perforated™ Sliding Bearing, Type Z, steel-reinforced elastomeric bearing with a regular grid of circular holes, in accordance with DIN 4141 Part 3, bearing class 2, loadable depending on format up to a mean compressive stress of 25 N/mm², National Technical Approval Certificate No. P-2011-0913-1.


l/l1 x b/b1 x h = ../.. x ../..x.. mm³
Quantity: piece
Price: €/piece

embedded in polystyrene or Ciflamon fire protection board

Overall length: mm
Overall width: mm
Bearing length: mm
Bearing width: mm
Length of sliding plate: mm
Width of sliding plate: mm
Bearing thickness: mm
Quantity: piece
Price: €/piece
Length of perforated bearing layer(s): mm
Width of perforated bearing layer(s): mm
Length of steel layer(s): mm
Width of steel layer(s): mm

Technical Data

Bearing thickness

  • 15 mm
  • 25 mm
  • 34 mm
  • 42 mm
  • 51 mm

Maximum compressive stress

  • up to 25 N/mm²,
    depending on size

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