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1972 Bützfleth near Hamburg, Reinforced Concrete Silo, United Aluminium Works

In Bützfleth near Hamburg the then world's largest reinforced concrete silo was constructed in 1972, having a diameter of 60 m. The silo cover had to be placed elastically on the cylinder casing and the casing in turn supported elastically on the foundation slab.

Calenberg Ingenieure designs, manufactures and markets elastomeric sliding bearings, and statically or dynamically loaded structural bearings (elastomeric bearings) for buildings and structures, sub-ballast mats and trackbed mats for track construction as well as other elastomer-based products for noise insulation and environmental protection.

The elastic support had to allow relative displacements and rotations with low constraint forces and tightness of the silo at the same time. This pioneering achievement by Calenberg Ingenieure caused headlines in construction publications.

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