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2015 The Gobbins cliff-face path, County Antrim, Northern Ireland

Constructed on the cliff line, the Gobbins cliff-face path runs along the Causeway Coastal Route in Northern Ireland, some 30 kilometres from Belfast. Initial sections were built in 1902, but the entire path closed in 1954. The walkway has now re-opened after comprehensive restoration work.

15 new steel and tubular frame bridges, such as the 5.4-ton Tubular Bridge, and 6 new galleries and a tunnel have been constructed, offering visitors unique views over the wild Irish Sea.

Calenberg Ingenieure designs, manufactures and markets elastomeric sliding bearings, and statically or dynamically loaded structural bearings (elastomeric bearings) for buildings and structures, sub-ballast mats and trackbed mats for track construction as well as other elastomer-based products for noise insulation and environmental protection.

Calenberg Civalit single-pad sliding bearings absorb the relative movement of +/- 30 mm in the steel girders in a friction-free system.

At the same time, the torsion from bends in structural components is transferred with the loads then channelled centrally into the sub-structure.

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