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Berlin Mobile noise protection wall at DB construction

For the upgrading of lines in Berlin, Deutsche Bahn (DB) required mobile noise protection walls which are able to be moved along with the construction site. In order to achieve this, Calenberg attached Cisilent® elements to standard scaffolding uprights.

Calenberg Ingenieure designs, manufactures and markets elastomeric sliding bearings, and statically or dynamically loaded structural bearings (elastomeric bearings) for buildings and structures, sub-ballast mats and trackbed mats for track construction as well as other elastomer-based products for noise insulation and environmental protection.

These can be easily set up and moved by any construction team. Furthermore, type testing of the static properties is already available so that proof of stability in each case is not required. The Cisilent® elements were made to match the dimensions of the scaffolding modules. The attachment to the scaffolding bars is done by cable ties put through prepared eyelets in the edge of the Cisilent® elements.

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